jeudi 5 août 2010

New cards !

Yup, made new cards lately. I am in love with my Spellbinders nestabilities and have been combining them with my beloved Martha Stewart border punches ! Total pure fun ! I have been cruising blogs of cardmakers and have discovered some that I just love. I am finding that my card styles are either simple and graphic (similar to my scrapbooking) or shabby chic. Love adding laces, pearls, buttons, etc., all those 3-D stuff that I don't use in my scrapbooking pages because of the bulk but that are perfect details for cards !

I've been enjoying the beautiful landscaping around our new home : just so gorgeous ! Lots of different plants, shrubs, trees and flowers that the former owners surrounds our home. Actually they got professional designers to design their landscaping, design for which the company won an award. It's almost maintenance-free as with the in-ground irrigation system. When I'm seated on our backyard deck, I have the impression that I am into the forest. It's a small backyard, but so very well put-together. We have a corner lot, and lots of great big trees were not cut when the house was built in 1985 and they contribute to a beautiful feeling of being in nature. Makes me think of all the camping that my family did during my childhood.

Gotta go - hoping to come back today with help from DH to post some pictures here. I don't like having posts without photos. But I started blogging again - aiming to do it once a day, kind of my daily journal - and that IS a good thing ! :) Take care !