mardi 15 décembre 2009

music, music, music ...

I have lots of music singing in my head as we're preparing for our school December music concert. I have been having so much pleasure out of playing on the new keyboard that my principal bought. In fact, I spent most of today playing on it, even though I work only mornings ! Turns out, I realized today, that I'm accompanying on piano all of the classes except for the 2 kindergartens. How fun ! I composed most of the arrangements also so I've been having a ton of fun ! I am enjoying playing music SO much ! I haven't done anything music-wise in the past 15 years at least ! It does a lot of good to my soul to get reacquainted with my first love, music, which is so ingrained in my soul.

Today, I created a musical score on the keyboard for the song that one teacher wrote with her husband and that she taught to the grade 1 students. Now I'll have this tune in my head for the rest of the night ! ;) I wrote down the score (I usually invent and memorize, never write them down) this afternoon so that I could give a copy of it to the teacher : I believe that she'll appreciate having it written down ! The song is about having 2 holes in the nose and how to clean it. Super well written, words-wise and tune-wise. The teacher who taught it to her grade 1 students did an awesome job, including the gestures that accompany the words to the song ! They are just adorable and the public will get a chuckle at the end of the song ...

I came back home with a cold, feeling feverish, so I'll be sure to be in bed earlier tonight that the last 2 months' nights ! I usually work late in the night, putting touches to our home. Also, I am really excited about finishing putting away my scrap and art stuff in our basement. I'm almost done but it will have to wait for the weekend probably ... unless I feel better Friday. Too much to do at school before then. DH assembled the IKEA Alex storage piece today (he stayed home, he's nursing a cold) and I was so pleased to see it just besides my scrap table when I came downstairs to admire my DH's handiwork ! I already have ideas of what the 9 drawers will house ! Man it takes so much time to organise a home after one has moved ! Incredibly time-consuming but at the same time, so exciting for me that loves to organize stuff (and musical shows !).

Dinner's ready : barbecued steak ! Yum, gotta go !


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