jeudi 29 janvier 2009

Thursday already ... plus a LO

The weeks go by SO fast, it's incredible ! Tomorrow is already Friday, wow !

You know those small scrapbooks that my grade 4 and 5 students started to create just like my grade 6 students did ? Well, they are still deliriously enthusiastic about the whole project. To the point that yesterday, when I agreed that the grade 4 and 5 students who wanted to come during lunch hour to work on their book could come, I had a really BIG number of students enter my classroom with glee ! Whoosh ! I was happy but seriously overwhelmed ! It really took me aback. I had difficulty managing such a big group - lots of them needed me to help them with the writing, spelling, correcting of their journaling, others needed my help to cut the CS for their pages, etc, etc, etc. Soooooooo, to remediate this situation and have the whole creative experience during lunchtime recess a better one for everyone involved, I designated some days for grade 6 students, some days for grade 5 students and the same goes for grade 4 students. Ouf !

Today during lunchtime, the grade 6 students came to create : some to work on their BOM scrap project and others to make large Valentine cards that will be the highlight of the 10 large frames that I got for our school's office last year and that I use as a changing gallery featuring our students' art works. You should have seen the enthusiasm of the students in creating Valentine cards - with some new techniques from me including playing with vellum, which they've never done before ! I grabbed a pack of red vellum from my stash this morning : I bought it years ago when vellum was all the rage in scrapbooking. Remember that trend ? I too am always excited during those intense creative sessions and I am always impressed with kids' creativity ! I'll post a pic once the frames are filled up with red, white and pink creations ! ;)

If I have time tonight, I'll post a photo of my first P-365 LO. However, it's my DH's night out with his buddies like every Thursday evenings, so we'll see how much time and energy I have after DS' homework and evening routine.

In the meantime, here's a LO that I created last fall. It's actually a re-do. I had scrapped these photos and the journaling years ago when I first started to scrap in 12x12... but disliked the colors (navy and orange) that I had used and the design of it which was just too busy. I was still exploring my scrapping style back then. Anyway, the 12x12 LO was really distracting visually and detracting from focusing on the story and photos. I said "Yuck" everytime I saw it. LOL I like this redo so much better. There's no comparison ! I really needed to scrap it again because I loved the journaling that I wrote back then about the sliced soya cheese that was such an important part of my son's life when he was around 16 months old ! His special way of eating it was just so funny and quite adorable ! I still smile when I think of it ! And now ? He doesn't really like sliced cheese anymore ! LOL

Let me know what you think of it, k ? Wish I could have shown you the before, but it was never scanned for lack of time. You know how busy life is with a toddler is ... ;)

'Till next time, take care and live the present moment ! It's the only one that counts !

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  1. I like the redo... those are such sweet photos of your boy. :)