mercredi 18 novembre 2009

Almost to the weekend again ...

Weeks are just flying by around here ! I'm really busy at work, lots of projects going on at school. I'm involved in the Christmas show at our school this year - we haven't had one in YEARS ! It does my heart good, it swells with joy to hear my students singing happily and asking eagerly whether they are going to sing during their English period or not ... :)

I'm gearing up to make lots of Christmas cards with my students that want to do it during lunchtime, like we did last year. We gave the cards to seniors in a residence and they were so happy about them ! I believe that I started a tradition last year ... one that I aim to continue for many years to come ! I'm also gearing up to write the report cards this weekend : they are due on December 1st, following our move to our new home the weekend before ... so I want to finish the report cards before then.

Our moving our stuff to our new home is going along in a speedy fashion. DH drops some stuff at our new home every morning, after having dropped our son to school. Last weekend, we did set up my stamp room (storage room #2 - I'll eventually name the two storage rooms (scrap and stamp) by something more interesting, just haven't had the time to go there yet !). DH assembled quickly my IVAR shelving system and Rafael and I put back on the many shelves. It went up pretty quickly. I'd say it took about 3 hours to redo the set-up that I had in my previous home. I had placed all of my stamps which were in plastic trays (by category) in boxes so it was a piece of cake to just unload the numbered boxes and put back the trays on the shelves.

DH and DS assembled our PAX unit (from IKEA) in our basement. I love watching DH and DS working together. It took them quite a while !

This afternoon, I went in after work and spent 2 hours working in storage room #1 : I have now put away all of my CS and PP ! So happy about that ! I still have lots of shelves that are empty so I'm deliberating what else this room will store. I did put away quite a bit of stuff this afternoon and I felt quite satisfied with my work when I left Orleans at 4:25 to go pick up DH and DS. I'm thinking of going back tonight after DS is in bed to empty more boxes. We're officially moving in to live in our new home on Saturday November 28th and we want to feel like it's a home, not a house filled with boxes !

Gotta go : supper's ready ! Some yummy mussels that DS prepared ! Take care !

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  1. Wow, it sounds like things are coming together at your new home. And school sounds busy but very FUN for you... Christmas will be a very special time for your school. I love the card project you've taken on. :)

  2. Hey! I had no idea you were blogging again and I'm happy to read you. Also had no idea you were moving?! You need to email me about that and let me know your new address. :)
    Read further down that Raf had H1N1, how terribly scary for you guys.. I hope he's feeling better now and that you're settled in your new home soon- sounds great! :)