vendredi 13 novembre 2009

so excited ....

... because tomorrow we're setting up our basement combined art-fun family room ! After much planning, it is soon going to be reality ! Yippee !!! :)

In order to make this happen, late this afternoon we went to IKEA with the U-HAUL trailer behind our car. We purchased the table tops for our computers plus the table tops for the creative section of the basement. I will have enough space for 2-3 persons creating at the same time - perhaps 4. I'll know more after the set-up is done. After that part has been set up, I'll make the final decision on whether or not I'll buy the IKEA kitchen island to scrap standing up. I really really love it, but since it's a big purchase, I'm carefully weighing the pros and cons in getting it. I'll also be setting up my old and practical IVAR shelving units for my rubberstamps in the second storage room, the one I call #2 because it's a little bigger than the storage #1. I am really excited to have my rubberstamps at my fingertips and be able to stamp again. In my former art room, there wasn't enough space on my scrap table to be able to stamp and emboss on it without having embossing powders flying on the table. I'll admit it, I'm anal about not having any glitter on my scrap pages. It just bugs me to have pieces of glitter moving around in my plastic sleeve of scrapped pages. In my new art room, I'll have a separate table to stamp and emboss and glitter to my heart's content ! :)

In case you don't know, I used to rubberstamp extensively, especially scenic art. I used to belong to the BIO scenic club, By Invitation Only, but dropped out of it after I had my son because I just didn't have the time to rubberstamp. This club, which still runs, has the best scenic stampers in the world. I was sad to read lately that the person who started this club years ago, Joan Wear, a fabulous scenic stamper, one who started the movement of scenic stamping, stopped stamping a while ago and is selling her stamps. For reasons of health, she can't stamp anymore.

On another note, I need to get in touch with our family doctor again as our son is still falling asleep in class although he has slept 11 hours during the night. This situation has been going on for the past 2 years. Today again, he fell asleep during class. He started his math evaluation and then fell asleep. I'm hoping to be able to get in touch with a sleep specialist. This situation has been going on for too long. I don't know that we'll get an appointment with a sleep specialist soon as CHEO is really busy with the H1N1 flu : Rafael's scheduled EEG in November was postponed indefinitely we were told a couple of weeks ago.

I had tears in my eyes at noon today when I read in the papers that a 38 year old University physics teacher, father of 3, died of the infamous flu. It's so sad.

Hope you have a great weekend : it looks like it will be a splendid on, weather-wise ! We intend to take advantage of it during the afternoons. Thanks for stopping by !

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  1. Aaaah, you're back at blogging again. :)
    I can't wait to see your new home, Danielle.
    And I hope you manage to get some answers about R's condition really soon.