samedi 9 mai 2009

Gorgeous, gorgeous !

Yes the tulips are gorgeous ! Look at these :

DH and DS were busy concocting a scrappy surprise for me for Mother's Day so I chose between scrapping or going outside to take pics of birds and I opted for the latter. But as soon as I left home in the direction of bird spots, it started to rain pretty heavily so I opted to cross the bridge to Ottawa and visit Scrapbox instead, the only scrapbook store in town. I hadn't been in there for quite a long time, I actually hadn't bought anything scrappy for myself for the last 5 months, just about - so I picked up my membership card ! LOL I chose a few items for my students - I spent the remaining money from my arts budget - to do a Father's Day gift. Yes, gotta plan early as Father's Day will be upon us in no time !

Then I was deliberating going to a river where I was just told that there are lots of birds' nests filled with eggs where the rain started pouring even more. So I decided to go back home and while driving in downtown Ottawa, I saw clear skies and a bit of sun in Hull. I started to get hopeful that I might be able to photograph the tulips in Jacques-Cartier Park in Hull ... and that's what I did ! The tulips were just so gorgeous and in great numbers ! Here's a view of them with the Interprovincial Bridge and the Art Museum just behind :

You can click on the photos and you will be able to view them in a bigger format.

I love taking photos of nature treasures that have been sprinkled with rain ! The droplets just look like mini diamonds to me, all glistening and shining !

This tulip was among the 6 that we have in front of our home ! I love this warm mix of colors.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to get outside again to photograph more tulips and birds with their nests filled with eggs !

Have a great evening and thanks for dropping by ! Happy Mother's day tomorrow !

À mes amies francophones, je vous souhaite une belle journée de fête des mères demain !

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