lundi 18 mai 2009

Wrapping up the long weekend.

This morning, we started up bright and early - 8h10ish - towards Dow's Lake to admire and photograph the lovely tulips before they desintegrate. Their time is almost up ! We wanted to take advantage of the morning light and to be able to take photos without crowds. Our timing was perfect : we arrived and there were 3-4 people there. We were able to take lots of photos. Here's a couple of them. You may click on them to see them bigger. I'll post more of them during the next few days.

Then we dropped by a market to buy some fresh fruits and vegetables ! Yum ! Back home, Rafael worked some more on his homework while I started a new layout. I'll be gluying it down tomorrow as well as a second one. We had lovely steak and salmon cooked on the barbecue for lunch while listening to the birds. I had the opportunity to take more photos of the goldfinches that visit us daily. I think that they are getting used to seeing my camera : they were not flying away today when they saw me approaching so I got several very close shots that are very good ! I'm leaving you with this one as I bid you good-night and wish you a great day back at work tomorrow !

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