mardi 19 mai 2009

New camera.

So my husband came back home tonight with a new camera, a small compact one ! Since I always have to think about my neck (two damaged cervical vertebras) and what's best to minimize the pain- and sometimes I have so much pain that I can't handle our heavy Canon 30D with the stabilizer and with the long macro lens - I had been talking about us acquiring a smaller lighter camera since last summer.

Pierre did some research recently about these kinds of cameras. We went to shop on Saturday to look at the compact cameras and Pierre wrote down all of the different ones available there plus their prices. Back home, he did a research for each of them, made his choice based on his readings and went back today to purchase his choice !

So we have another Canon camera in the house ! LOL For a minimal cost, I must say, compared to the cost of our other 2 Canon. This one cost 120$ (instead of 160$ elsewhere- that's the beauty of : great prices. Last fall, we got a heating blanket for 50$, while the same thing at Wal-Mart was 125$ !). It evens films so Pierre had fun with that tonight !

Here's our new family member, huh ... family camera ! ;)

I'm off to bed ! I have had a pretty big headache most of today and I am just exhausted !
Have a great day tomorrow !

2 commentaires:

  1. J'espère que tu te sentiras mieux après une nuit de repos! Que c'est bien un mari qui s'informe avant d'acheter quelque chose! J'en ai un pareil à la maison... :)

  2. A new camera! YAY! :) Congratulations and enjoy! :)

    I have a little Canon Elph SD100 that I carry in my purse all the time. It's the perfect size to get those everyday shots that I'd otherwise miss.