dimanche 22 février 2009

Couldn't stand it anymore .... and simplicity.

My blog's banner that is. Couldn't stand the sight of the snow. So I changed it to this LO of mine that I did a while ago.

Aaahh, I'm looking forward to signs of spring outside. Colors, little buds of flowers, the green of grass. In the meantime, I'm still enjoying long walks in the Gatineau Park. I went there today with Rafael while Pierre was sleeping. He slept most of the day as he worked all night last night. He came back home from work at 7:30, dark circles under his eyes. Of course, his sleepless night got his cold in an even worse condition. The man's not talking right now, he's kind of croaking. Losing his voice. He needs some TLC and lots of sleep.

I had a most awesome day today. A great mix of work and play. Spent a lot of time with Rafael. Outdoors and indoors. Prepared my teaching stuff for this week while Rafael was studying for his geometry test on Tuesday. Got more stuff out of our home, which is part of the on-going project of simplifying our lives. For us, living simpler has a lot to do with having less stuff, which means less time dealing with the said stuff and more time to play. The more I live, the less stuff I want to be surrounded with. Same thing goes in my classroom. Simplifying. Simplicity has been a key word in my life for the past 3 years and is still a key word. Yesterday I dropped some stuff at the consignment shop. Picked up the $ I made with the stuff I dropped there last time.

I'm still nursing a cold ... and my bed is calling my name right now ! LOL Take care and live the present moment ! I'll be posting the other 2 Valentine love books sometimes this week. Ciao !

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