mercredi 18 février 2009

some news ...

It's already past the mid-month of February ! Wow ! The days and weeks go by so quickly ! We've had more sickness in our home and probably that single fact makes our weeks go by even faster ! DH got the flu really bad, he was in bed almost all of last weekend, feverish, very sore throat. Lots of sleep for him. He should really be staying at home to rest and heal but there's this big project at his workplace with a looming deadline and his presence is much needed for it. So away he goes every day to work, feverish or not. He's in bed early evening though and that helps.

I've come back from work today (elementary school) with another start of a cold. So many of my 110 students have the flu, or sniffle, or cough, or constantly reach for tissues for their running noses, etc that it's no wonder that I've started to cough myself. :(

We spent a lovely Valentine's Day on Sunday ... hum yes on Feb. 15th because DH was too sick on the 14th ! We exchanged our chipboard Valentine's books and everyone was thrilled with the results ! We also exchanged store-bought Valentine's cards ... well you know, it's a tradition between DH and I that started over 24 years ago and we enjoy it tremenduously ! Now DS has joined in. He asked one of us to drive him to Wal-Mart last Saturday so that he could choose a card for each of his parents. Aw, so sweet ! I happened to glance at him while he was in the cards' aisle at WM and saw that he read the text with great attention. He later told me that he makes his choice based on the design on the card cover and the written words inside. He's very involved in the choosing of the cards. So cute !

We had a lovely Valentine's dinner and then once DS was in bed, DH and I had a cozy movie night in our living room !

I will be posting pics of our chipboard Valentine's books along with my Project 365 layouts as soon as I have the time to scan everything. That's a promise.

One last thing before I go for a much-needed nap after the short night I had last night ... I need to change my banner very soon as I'm quite fed up to stare at this snow pic. I'm longing for spring, its perky colors and all that it entails ! What about you ?

Take care ! :)

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