samedi 7 février 2009

December Daily in February

Well yes, I'm still working on both December Dailies, both my son and mine. He's responsible for the journaling part of his and I do the picture taking and the assembling on his. I've assembled his book this week, lots of cutting, trimming, punching holes. The book is coming along so nicely. I love it ! It will be a very good representation of his 2008 December. His goes from December 1st to Jan. 4th and I've included several pages of 4 photos on our Christmas celebration day so that he has in essence a book about his Christmas with extended family at the same time as a Daily. So there's about 60 pages altogether.

Here's a pic of it in its new form, all assembled. He hasn't painted the chipboard cover yet. Soon though.

The next step is for Rafael to write the journaling for each page, alternated with one page typed on the computer and the other one handwritten. I love the personal value of handwriting. He will not be writing in his 8 year old handwriting all of his life so I am making sure that he leaves some traces of his handwriting in scrapbooking projects regularly.

A couple of days ago, I covered the Valentine chipboard book that will be filled by my DH and I for my son with some SR pp from last year. The minute he saw it completed, he said "Wow, I love the colors !" So I guess my choice of papers for him are to his liking ! :) Here it is :

I also covered the Valentine chipboard book that my DH and DS will be filling for me. I'll be posting a pic of that one as soon as I've taken one.

Gotta go. I have a ton of correcting to do - my students' writings and a few errands to run. I'm still dealing with my cold but it's getting better. DS has his cold with a really stuffy nose and he is on antibiotics for his ear infection until next weekend. He's missing his school life as he missed 3 days this past week and is starting to feel cabin fever. Time to get him outside for a good walk to clear his head of cobwebs before he gets too negative, hehe ! ;) Life's good ! :) Take care and live the present moment because that is the only one we've got ! I'm reminded of that every day.

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  1. oh, I love the look of the album danielle - he we love this when he's older and appreciate what you did for him.