mercredi 4 février 2009

Well ...

The day turned out differently that I had thought. DS came back home at noon today because he's nursing a cold and soon complained about an earache. I immediately called our family doctor - didn't want to wait for a splitting earache in the middle of the night and everything that THAT entails ! We were fortunate in getting a medical appointment right away. The diagnosis ? Ear infection. So he's on antibiotics and in the meantime his cold got worse. He described his stuff nose and asked for something to relieve it. His father took care of it. I think that the little man will stay home tomorrow for the whole day.

I spent some time working on Rafael's December Daily today and got a lot of pages done ! It is so exciting to see it progressing and becoming a book ! It's thicker that I thought it would be. I got some oooohs and aaaahs from both DH and DS when they saw the progress. :) I'll have a pic of the work in progress tomorrow. I took it tonight but I'm too tired to do anything else but sink into my comfy bed.

Take care !

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  1. I hope everyone at your place is healthy again really soon.